Pelecas Country Club Hotel

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Activities in Pelecas Country Club Hotel

Visit the vegetable garden

Join us in picking the ripe vegetables from the garden.


Tango and Paris keep us company at the estate. Come with us and we’ll feed them carrots and apples. You can’t imagine how happy and appreciative they will be. But beware, because Paris is very jealous of Tango, and so whatever you give to Tango, Paris must also savour.


Whether you are an expert or a novice trying out your skills, the Country Club has a tennis court that will help you stretch your legs after those lazy afternoons by the pool. If you forgot your racket at home, you can just borrow one of ours.


If you don’t feel like a drive to the sea, you can take a refreshing dip in the pool, or just sink yourself in the sun loungers and relax, sunbathe, or read a book while sipping a drink or beverage.


Corfu Golf Club is just a short drive from the Country Club. Many believe it is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets, as it combines the natural beauty of the Ropas Field, with the exquisite design of the famous architect Donald Harradine. The course is suited to both expert and novice players.

Horse Riding

The Silvaland equestrian centre recently opened not far from the estate, where you can enjoy a memorable ride.

Visit the vineyard

Situated in a wild natural setting, just a short 2 km drive from Country Club, Ambelonas is a simple and versatile space, combining local-fusion gastronomy with a playful touch.


You can enjoy day-trips to discover the multitude of Corfiot aspects. The wonderful countryside with scattered picturesque villages like Varipatades and Sinarades, sandy beaches to the west, pebble beaches and a quaint little port to the north-east (Kalami, Kerassia, Agios Stefanos).

Of course, you should not miss out on an early evening stroll down the narrow streets, the so-called “kantounia”, of old Corfu town (just 8 km from the estate), up to the Kremasti piazza and then down to the Liston promenade, where you can quench your thirst with a traditional cool ginger-beer, made here ever since the British rule.


Rent a small boat from Paleokastritsa and explore hidden beaches and caves.


Grab your mask, snorkel and fins and dive to the wonders of the deep in Paleokastritsa.


Wear a pair of comfortable shoes and set out for a hike in the estate’s olive grove, or on Mount Pantokrator, or the Korrisia lagoon. The lagoon is the island’s most important wetland habitat (Natura), home to numerous flamingoes and butterflies.


If you’re looking for something different, Aqualand, one of Europe’s largest water parks, is just three kilometres away.


Photography enthusiasts must not forget to bring their cameras to capture unique moments of relaxation in the natural environment of the Country Club, as well as the amazing sunset view from Pelecas village, three kilometres from the estate.

Explore Pelecas Country Club

With countless spots for relaxation, Pelecas Country Club offers a trip to another era ...

Pool & Gardens

The buildings, tennis court, pool and bar are all surrounded by gardens giving out their scents, colours and memories created years ago by grandfather Petros ...


If you are planning a wedding in Corfu, Pelecas Country Club is the ideal place to hold the wedding reception, and also to accommodate the happy couple and guests.


Pelecas Country Club offers a range of services and comforts intended to make your stay more enjoyable.