Pelecas Country Club Hotel

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Larione is named after the estate's Italian caretaker who used to live here with his family.


Interior design, with original antique furniture

This is the third building. It is named after the estate’s Italian caretaker who used to live here with his family.

It includes the “Larione Suite” and four Classic rooms: “La Vendemia” , “Martzavi” , “La Balanza” , “La Scuderia” . The names of the rooms have been inspired from agricultural work, the estate’s produce and the use of some of the spaces.

They all have different interior design, with original antique furniture, and a separate entrance with a veranda.

Looking outside, you will enjoy a lovely view of the field that stretches beyond the gardens of the Country Club, and the horses enjoying their freedom and galloping in their large paddock.

Explore Pelecas Country Club

With countless spots for relaxation, Pelecas Country Club offers a trip to another era ...

Pool & Gardens

The buildings, tennis court, pool and bar are all surrounded by gardens giving out their scents, colours and memories created years ago by grandfather Petros ...


If you are planning a wedding in Corfu, Pelecas Country Club is the ideal place to hold the wedding reception, and also to accommodate the happy couple and guests.


Pelecas Country Club offers a range of services and comforts intended to make your stay more enjoyable.